APR - 2018
If the media alone were to dictate our collective mood in March, dire would be the word that comes to mind. Facebook spent much of the month attempting to save face in the wake of a massive data breach that potentially compromised the outcomes of Brexit, the US presidential election, and several other elections around [...]
MAR - 2018
I hear a lot from clients, analysts and the news media that “we are living in uncertain times,” and I think to myself, when aren’t we living in uncertain times?   Yes, there are a number of issues that make us feel anxious these days. NAFTA and US President Trump’s looming threat of trade tariffs, [...]
FEB - 2018
I was speaking with clients the other day who are contemplating a move from their home in Oakville.  Although they are many years away from the traditional retirement age of 65, the thinking is that life is too short not to really live it. They want to use the equity from the home to travel [...]
JAN - 2018
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday season.   The new year always seems like a time of predictions; of looking forward and surmising what the months or years ahead may bring. But the true test of predictions isn’t how well they stand up in the short term, but [...]
DEC - 2017
I think everyone would agree that it’s been a tumultuous year. We’ve seen unexpected highs as digital technology takes us into worlds we could never have imagined. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, and the first digital, decentralized peer-to-peer payment system, is trading above $15,000 against the Canadian dollar, up from CAD$962 only a year ago.   Then, [...]
NOV - 2017
As I was driving to Albany, New York, a week or so ago, I was reminded of a Harry Chapin song about having spent a week one afternoon in Watertown, New York, just off Interstate 81.   In fact, it was a bit of an old home week music-wise for me. Earlier in the month [...]
OCT - 2017
We are living in the ‘new normal’
Posted on October 13, 2017
On September 20, 2017, I attended an Oakville Chamber of Commerce event. The guest speaker that night was David Dodge. As a former Governor of the Bank of Canada, he knows a thing or two about the Canadian economy. What he said that night was consistent with what others have been saying: we’re stuck in [...]
SEP - 2017
Last week, Statistics Canada released data that showed the Canadian economy surging to 4.5% growth in the second quarter — the largest growth spurt in six years. A day later, the Canadian dollar broke the 81-cent barrier against the US dollar. Meanwhile, the U.S. Bureau of Statistics released disappointing job numbers that fell well below [...]
AUG - 2017
Welcome to the dog days of summer
Posted on August 8, 2017
It’s official. The dog days of summer have set in. The sun is shining. The temperatures are balmy. And the markets are quiet. Is this the calm before the September storm? Possibly. But now is as good a time as any to kick back in a comfortable chair with a cool beverage in your hand [...]
JUL - 2017
Confidence breeds confidence
Posted on July 18, 2017
It seems Warren Buffet likes us. He really likes us. The biggest boost to the markets in June came when Berkshire Hathaway Inc. struck a deal with Home Capital to stop the company’s bleeding. It ended a drama that had been playing out for the past few months and the potential threat Home Capital’s collapse [...]