FEB - 2019
Consumers are bummed
Posted on February 8, 2019
“Consumers are bummed, businesses are bummed, David Rosenberg is bummed.” Based on some of the conversations I’ve been having with clients, this Globe & Mail headline tends to sum up how many are feeling in the early days of 2019.   Still reeling from the correction in December, many investors are feeling jittery about where [...]
JAN - 2019
Happy New Year! I hope 2019 is treating you well so far.   I’m not generally one for attending big parties on New Year’s Eve, but this year I made an exception. As I looked around the room at the people enjoying their festive evening, I noticed an older couple on the dance floor and [...]
DEC - 2018
Negativity depresses people and stocks
Posted on December 11, 2018
It’s hard to avoid bad news these days. It seems that everywhere we turn, we are confronted with one crisis or another. Brexit, US-China trade wars, instability across the European Union, plummeting crude oil prices and pipeline issues have been dominating the headlines for months. Then came GM’s announcement about the closing of the auto [...]
NOV - 2018
See a bear, run with the bulls
Posted on November 7, 2018
Did you know that one of the most iconic and successful albums of all time — Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell — was originally written as a musical? I went to see the North American premiere of Bat Out of Hell, The Musical at the Mirvish Theatre recently. It took me back to a fun [...]
OCT - 2018
Excitement is in the experience
Posted on October 12, 2018
Sometimes the excitement is in the experience rather than the outcome   A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend two football games that made quite an impression on me, as much for their differences as their similarities. The first game was a match against two Big 10 university rivals: the Notre [...]
SEP - 2018
September brings back a flood of memories
Posted on September 13, 2018
September always seems to produce a flood of memories. This week, for example, marks the seventeenth anniversary of 9/11. I imagine if I asked every one of you where you were on that day when you heard the tragic news, you could tell me in vivid detail. This week also represents the tenth anniversary of [...]
AUG - 2018
As we look forward
Posted on August 9, 2018
As we look forward, it’s always good to remember where we came from   As you read this month’s letter, I will have already made my way over to Ireland for a trip my family has been planning for months. My mother is one of 16 children. My mother, some of her sisters, my siblings, [...]
JUL - 2018
A persistent state of flux
Posted on July 11, 2018
Politics keeps us suspended in a persistent state of flux   In the last few months I’ve met with several clients who are worried that the market could be in for a big drop. They come to me intending to sell everything and get out of the market. On some level, who can blame them? [...]
JUN - 2018
Behind The Headlines
Posted on June 12, 2018
Behind The Headlines   The news headline would appear to paint a bleak picture for global economies.   Geopolitical tensions are on the rise as the US wages trade wars with its allies, Italy’s new populist government threatens to destabilize the European Union, and North Korea continues its sabre rattling.   Here at home, we [...]
MAY - 2018
Berkshire Hathaway’s leading duo inspire a record-setting audience.   My favourite weekend of the year rolled around again. This time there wasn’t an Achilles heel injury to stop me. On the first Friday morning of May, I boarded my flight as scheduled. Destination: Omaha.   Each year that I attend, I recognize the collective anxiety [...]